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Company News About Kynar 500 PVDF Coating
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Kynar 500 PVDF Coating

Latest company news about Kynar 500 PVDF Coating

Kynar 500 PVDF Coating


KYNAR 500 is fluropolymer resin used in paint formulations for exterior and interior metal finishes.The key to its durability and resistance performance is the carbon-fluorine bond,one of the strongest molecular bonds known.The resin has been proven to resist acid rain,erosion,airborne pollutants,dirt retention,ultraviolet light,and extreme temperatures.Finishes with KYNAR 500 based offers color uniformity and texture consistency over long periods of time.


The excellent outdoor aging and weathering properties of Kynar 500PVDF resin led to its use in long-lasting paints for coating metal sheet and extrusions for the past 50 years.Kynar Aquatecresins offer the same kind of extreme weather protection in waterborne paints for factory and field applied, low-VOC coatings.


Weatherability is excellent with little or no cracking,peeling,chalking or fading.The originator of fluoropolymer resins for architectural coating,Atochem North America,has been manufacturing KYNAR 500 resins since 1965.


KYNAR 500 based coatings are used on such architectural building materials such as roofing and siding,extrusions and panels,curtain walls and window frames,shop fronts and lighting fixtures,retail store interiors and louvers;ventilation parts and outdoor signage.


KYNAR 500 based finishes are used on many of the world’s monumental structures.Some notable architectural projects using KYNAR 500 based coatings include:Taj Mahal In Atlantic City,NJ;Mellon Bank Center and Liberty Place Complex in Philadelphia,PA.United States of America;the Skydome Toronto,Ontario;Canada and the Annex of the Louvre in Paris,France.


Kynar 500 resins may also be used to protect thermoplastics through coextrusion or film lamination techniques to obtain anti-grime and anti-graffiti surfaces with excellent weathering properties.


Dingang’s pre-painted aluminum products use the Kynar 500 pvdf coating.


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