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Company News About How to distinguish the supplier is reliable and trustworthy?
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How to distinguish the supplier is reliable and trustworthy?

Latest company news about How to distinguish the supplier is reliable and trustworthy?

How to win the market


About one week ago,we received one email which from one of regular clients that cooperated with us for more than 10 years in material importing. In the email message,we learn about the whole incident between them and one cheater supplier in China.At meanwhile,he showed us that need us to help him to find a reliable lawyer to make lawsuit.


Let us see what happened between them.


In 2018,my client opened the confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit to purchase SS201 welded steel pipes mirror polish finish product from the supplier.The total amount of order was CIF USD 34 496.00 and the qty was about 26 000 kgs.But when the container reached at their local port,they found that the shipped qty was only half of order they placed.Even more exasperating is the supplier got all the payment from bank and my client need to afford the customs duties for unshipped qty amount charged by their local customs.In the order,my client suffered a loss about USD 30 000.

Initially,the supplier admitted that was made by their mistake and they were willing to afford the refunds.Then,no matter whats the way my client wanna to contact with the supplier,all be ignored.Calls been dropped,email were rejected.

As per the local market supervision and administrations suggestion,we on behalf of the client to mediate with the fraudulent supplier at present.


In the import and export affairs,such event is very very familiar.Even it happens almost every day.How to distinguish one supplier is reliable and trustworthy?Besides low quotation,have you paid more attention to the product quality and supplier’s productive capacity?On the spot investigation is one of best way to enhance mutual understanding and trust to importer and exporter.Furthermore,pls take that into consider why the supplier offered you the extreme low quotation.


Pls firmly believe that each commodity has the corresponding value on itself.Nobody can only use the money which only afford FORD car to buy one BENZ.


Changzhou Dingang Metal Material Co.,Ltd is a well-established coating applicator from China that specializes in industrial and architectural metal plate coating fabrication since 2002.

We own 4 full automatic color coating production lines for steel products with output of 200,000 tons/per year and eight pre-painted aluminum production lines with output of 50,000 tons/annual.

Many customers from Europe,USA,Korea and Japan import pre-painted metal products from us due to the top quality of our's in China and even the world.And also many landmark construction building projects worldwide are using our pre-painted metal products as their main material.

Excellent quality,professional service and reasonable price are the key to win the market.


If you have any enquiry on pre-painted metal products,pls feel free to contact with us.

We shall be glad to offer you our best quotation upon receiption of your detailed spec requirements.


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