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Aluminized Steel around our life in everywhere

December 11, 2021



  1. Automotive Industry Muffler., Exhaust Pipe, Fuel Tank, Heat Shield, Reactor Parts And Manifold Cover, Central Pipe;

  2. Construction. Agricultural And Mining Machinery; Diesel Engine Muffler And Heat Shield, Garden Machinery Muffler;

  3. Home Appliances: Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Rice Cookers, Slow Cookers, Toasters, Electric Water Heaters, Disinfection Cabinets;

  4. Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers, Electric Heaters, Dryers, Ice Machines, Etc.;

  5. Gas And Oil Products: Gas Water Heaters, Gas Rice Cookers, Gas Stoves, Gas Ovens, Oil-Fired Boilers, Oil-Fired Stoves;

  6. Kitchen Utensils: Frying Pan, Boiling Water Kettle, Bakeware.