RAL Color Prime Prepainted Galvanized Galvalume Steel Coil PPGI

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Dingang
Certification ITS BV SGS
Model Number SPCC , SPCD , SPCE , DX51 / 52 / 53 / 54D + Z Q195 / 215 / 235 And etc
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Metric Tons
Price USD700 Per Metric Ton
Packaging Details Export Standard Seaworthy Packing With Wooden Pallets In Horizontal Or Vertical ( As Per The Requirements Of Clients )
Delivery Time 15 - 35 Work Days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 300000 Metric Tons Per Year
Product Details
Product Name Prepainted Galvalume Steel Standard JIS G3312 - 1998 , ASTM A755 , GB / T12754 - 2006
Base Metal Cold Rolled Steel / Galvanized Steel / Galvalume Steel Thickness Normally 0.15 - 1.5 Mm
Width 30 - 1500 Mm ( Mainly In 914 Mm , 1000 Mm , 1219 Mm And 1250 Mm ) Surface Finished Color According To RAL Standard
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Prepainted Galvanized Galvalume Steel Coil


RAL Color Galvalume Steel Coil


Cold Rolled PPGI Steel Coil

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Product Description



RAL Color Prime Prepainted Galvanized Galvalume Steel Coil PPGI



Definition of Zinc, Aluminium Magnesium steel:


Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium is an alloy metal, mainly used as the surface anti-corrosion treatment for steel and steel products, including a variety of zinc series coatings and a large number of steel parts as a whole dipping anti-corrosion; initially used as steel The metal on the surface of the product is pure zinc. With the development of technology, alloy metals such as aluminum-zinc alloy and zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy have appeared one after another, increasing the effect of corrosion resistance of the metal layer.


Composition and classification of zinc, aluminum and magnesium

Zinc-aluminum-magnesium-coated steel plate refers to a steel plate with a certain amount of Al or Mg added to the existing hot-dip galvanized coating or a certain amount of Mg element in the hot-dip galvanized zinc coating. It has high corrosion resistance, high Features of cutting edge protection performance.


Inductive analysis of magnesium-coated steel plates for commercial applications. The Mg content of most of the coatings is ≤3%, and according to the aluminum content of the coatings, zinc-aluminum-magnesium coatings are divided into:


1. Low-aluminum-zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating, aluminum content: 1-3.5%, the coating is formed by adding certain aluminum-magnesium and other elements on the basis of hot-dip galvanizing. Color-coated steel sheet with low-aluminum-zinc-aluminum-magnesium substrate. This coating is an upgraded version of the corrosion resistance of hot-dip pure zinc coating, referred to as BZM coated steel plate and its color coated plate for short.


2.Medium aluminum zinc aluminum magnesium coating, aluminum content: 5 ~ 11%


3. High-aluminum-zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating, aluminum content: 55%. The coating is formed by adding certain magnesium and other elements on the basis of hot-dip aluminum-zinc coating. Aluminum-zinc-aluminum-magnesium substrate color-coated steel plate. This coating is an upgraded version of the corrosion resistance of hot-dip aluminum-zinc coating, referred to as BAM-plated steel plate and its color-coated plate for short.


Comparison of pure zinc, aluminum zinc and zinc aluminum magnesium :

1. Pure zinc coating, metal coating with zinc content of not less than 99%, is an economical anti-corrosion coating; it is divided into zinc-plated and non-zinc-plated galvanized steel, and their corrosion resistance is almost the same. If spraying or painting is needed later, the products without zinc spangle will be more beautiful; while the products with thick zinc layer are usually with spangle (such as zinc layer weight 275g / m2 on both sides).


2. Aluminum-zinc coating is an alloy metal with 55% aluminum content and 43.5% zinc content. The remaining component is silicon. Generally, the corrosion resistance of aluminum-zinc coatings is 2-6 times that of pure zinc coatings of the same weight. . The surface of the aluminized zinc steel coil can be modified by the production technology to produce beautiful and uniform zinc spangles, which can be directly used for external use of buildings or home appliances. However, aluminum-zinc plating also has some disadvantages. First, the welding performance of the aluminum-zinc coating is not as good as that of pure zinc, and the welding process should be minimized during use. Far less than zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating.


3. Zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating is an alloy metal with excellent overall performance. The manufacturing cost is only slightly higher than that of aluminum-zinc coating. The corrosion resistance of the coating is much higher than that of pure zinc and aluminum-zinc alloy, and it also protects the steel plate cut The performance is very good, and the welding performance is equivalent to that of pure zinc steel plate. 


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