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Folding Cooking Camping Eating Utensils Set Luxury Style

Folding Cooking Camping Eating Utensils Set Luxury Style

  • High Light

    coated steel folding camping utensils


    Black camping eating utensils set


    coated steel camping cooking utensils kit

  • Folded Size
  • Material
    High Strength Coated Steel
  • Color
  • Type
    Luxury Style
  • Function
    Outdoor Cooking, Barbecue, Camping, RV Travel
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE CCC
  • Model Number
    EC 2.0
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    20 SETS
  • Price
    USD 120-130 PER SET
  • Packaging Details
    Carton package with foam
  • Delivery Time
    15-20 Working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union

Folding Cooking Camping Eating Utensils Set Luxury Style

Product Elements:
1,Storage box
Material: High-strength coated steel
Storage space: 75L(Max)
2,Infrared wind resistant burner
Combined with an efficient 3.0KW high-power outdoor wind resistant infrared burner and one-button ignition switch, can be connected with a gas tank or a small LPG cylinder, which makes cooking more easily and safely.
3,Folding table
The biggest feature of the integrated product is the multiple choice upgrade of the folding table.
The table is made from high-quality SMC material by moulding process. has the characteristics of waterproof, fire resistance and high temperature resistance. The nylon connecting buckle can be freely spliced, and the assembly is simple, it can be used grilling and cooking at the same time, which can meet different demands of different people.
4,Retractable light pole
The light pole is made from aluminum alloy, and the hook is with a recessed design which further improve the range of application and enhance and strengthen the effects of night usages. Combined with the flushbonding nut structure on each table, the illumination range is further improved.
5, Folding basin
The silicone folding basin is an extension design of this product. With the design of magnetic external hanging folding, does not occupy any space of the storage box,this is the most significant characteristic. At the same time, it combines the foldable clasp and external handing , which is not affected by the position or environmental of usage, can be removed at any time and placed in any positions.
6,Folding chopping board
Same as the silicone folding basin, the board with the design of magnetic external hanging folding, which does not occupy any space, The functions of knives usage has been further improved. The wheat straw material makes the health and safety of picnic be fully guaranteed.

Part Name Portable multi-functional integrated outdoor cooking bench
Storage Box Folding size 530 * 450 * 470 mm (H *L * W)
Expand size 420 * 900 -1820* 470 mm(H *L * W)
Storage space 75L
Material High strength coated steel
Burner Module Burner size Diameter 30.0 cm * Height 4.0 cm
Burner power 4.00KW
Ignition method One-button ignition switch
Composition Stainless module,Rotating tightening buckle,Ignition module, furnace core module, bracket
Gas type Portable butane gas tank, propane gas tank
Table Module Table size 450*450*20mm
Expand height 422mm
Material SMC ,Copper insert parts
Compostion SMC table module,Aluminum leg*2
light pole
Retractable size 370mm
Elongation size 1210mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Connect Method Screw-in
Folding basin Folding size 302*235*15mm
Expand size 302*235*72mm
Expand Height 330mm
Max.Storage 2L
Material silicone,SMC
Folding chopping board Size 326*285*11mm
Material The wheat straw
Expand Height 330mm
Load bearing 20Kgs
Total Weight 22Kgs
Characters Portable and removable, easy installation, multi-function and free combination
Applications Outdoor cooking, barbecue, camping, RV travel and wild exploration
Package Carton package with the foam
GB/T 38522-2020 Outdoor stove testing standards
GB/T1447-83 Glass fiber reinforced plastics executive standard
GB/T708-2006 Quality implementation standards for cold rolled steel plates and steel strips
GB/T2155-2018 National Quality Standards for Travel Luggage

While there's plenty of ways to cook outdoors, the Eat-camp2.0 ticks lots of boxes with a wind-resistant burner, ample bench space and ultra-compact storage size.

Eat-camp2.0 is essentially a high-end kitchen in a compact box. It weighs 16.2kg and measures with 45cm*47cm*53cm. It includes 75L of internal storage space.

It has wheels and an extendable handle which make it easy to set up the kitchen to make the most of the best views available.
Setup is a simple matter of fitting the legs, positioning the table and then adjusting the legs until level.

Sitting low is a different cooking experience, but it really suits the camping experience. Like a campfire, the kitchen becomes the central hub, everyone can pitch in, and the camp chef can enjoy the fun.
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