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SGLCD Hot Dip 2.5mm Alu Zinc Color Coated Steel

SGLCD Hot Dip 2.5mm Alu Zinc Color Coated Steel

  • High Light

    SGLCD AluZinc Alloy Coated Steel


    2.5mm Aluzinc Coated Steel

  • Production Grade
  • Thickness
  • Width
    914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1250mm
  • Coating Type
    PE , PVDF
  • Surface Treatment
    Oiled Or Anti-finger Print
  • Inside Diameters
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    SGS , ITS , BV
  • Model Number
    Dingang - PPGL
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD700 PER Metric Ton
  • Packaging Details
    Export Standard Seaworthy Packing With Wooden Pallets In Horizontal Or Vertical ( As Per The Requirements Of Clients )
  • Delivery Time
    15 - 35 Days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    300 000 Metric Tons/Per Year

SGLCD Hot Dip 2.5mm Alu Zinc Color Coated Steel

Hot Dip Color coated zinc aluminum steel with snow spangle used for home appliance panel



Snow spangle hot-dip steel sheet is a pre-plated steel sheet obtained by hot-coating a layer of Al-Zn coating on both sides with cold-rolled steel sheets of various strengths and thickness specifications as the substrate.
It combines the physical protection and high durability of Al with the electrochemical protection characteristics of Zn.
Sometimes the surface layer has a highly decorative bright silver-gray color and regular patterns, and has a embossed feeling.

The advantage of hot-dip zinc aluminum is corrosion resistance, which is much higher than the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet of the same thickness, and the service life is also high.


Standard ASTM A653, JIS G3302, GB/T3830-2006
Grade SGLCC, DX51D, A653, SGLCH, Q235B
Thickness 0.125-0.8mm
Width 600-1250mm
Base metal Alumzinc steel coils
Zinc coating 30-150g/M2
Coil ID 508mm/610mm
Packing Standard sea package
Delivery 35 days
Price FOB& CFR& CIF price
Payment terms TT or LC
Capacity 1000MT per month
Usage construction, the manufacturing of cars, ships,
containers and household electric appliances,
other industries usage.



Heat resistance is also a major advantage: ordinary hot-dip galvanized products, the use temperature generally does not exceed 230 ℃, aluminum zinc plate can be used for a long time at 315 ℃ high temperature.
Some oven liners also use hot-dip aluminum zinc plate
High reflectivity: The ability to reflect light and heat is twice that of hot-dip galvanized steel, so it is often used as an energy-saving building material.
Formability: It can meet the general processing requirements of rolling, stamping and bending.


Use restrictions:

a. In an alkaline environment, hot-dip aluminum zinc plating should be used with caution;
b. Avoid cutting hot-dip galvanized aluminum directly on the construction site, and use trimming boards;
c. For buildings using aluminum-zinc coated materials, pay attention to drainage to prevent corrosion;
d. Avoid direct contact with wet cement, wood, lead, copper, graphite, etc.;
e. When processing and stacking, it is necessary to prevent the fingerprint resistant film from blackening caused by moisture and high temperature.


Common steels are DC51D+AZ, DC52D+AZ, DC53D+AZ, DC54D+AZ, S250GD+AZ, S300GD+AZ, S350GD+AZ, S5500GD+AZ, HX420LAD+AZ, etc. Coatings are AZ100 AZ150 AZ180 AZ200.


How to remove  protective film:
A layer of specially designed transparent organic film is applied to the surface of some color-coated boards. Organic film can protect the color plate coating from scratches during storage and transportation, but it needs to be peeled off immediately after installation. Sunlight irradiation will enhance the adhesion between the organic film and the color plate surface. Therefore, the color coated plate needs to be covered when placed on site to avoid direct sunlight.


Coating Type:

Polyester color coating (PE)
Features: good adhesion; good flexibility of paint film; rich colors; good moldability and outdoor durability; relatively low cost. It can meet the use of factory walls, roofs, warehouses, mobile homes, and interior decoration in general environments. Under normal use conditions and correct processing and installation conditions, Baosteel Yellowstone Color Coating can be maintained for 8-10 years without maintenance, and the cost of use is low. Cost-effective.

Fluorocarbon (PVDF)
Features: excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance; particularly good stability in acid and alkali and heavily polluted environments; excellent mechanical processing performance; high flexibility, wear resistance, impact resistance; suitable for combating pollution If there are special requirements for weather resistance, it is necessary to maintain ultra-long-lasting buildings, such as roofs, walls and covers of major public engineering buildings. In the case of meeting the relevant ordering, processing and installation requirements, a 20-year use commitment can be provided.



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